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TypeStatus, a Jailbreak to display iMessage ‘now typing’ indicator on status bar

Sunday, February 24, 2013, 15:55 By admin

Recently we saw a jailbreak called TypingPrivacy that helped users to disable iMessage ‘now typing’ indicator on biteSMS and Messages+. But that tweak is for someone who is more concerned about the privacy. If you are not worried about privacy, but need to make use of this cool feature, then TypeStatus cydia tweak can be handy. TypeStatus is a simple jailbreak tweak that helps users to see ‘now typing’ indicator on iOS status bar. ‘Now typing’ is an ellipsis indicator that pops-up when your friend is replying to a message via iMessage. But this ellipsis will be seen only when you open the messages app.

typestatus ios jailbreak tweak TypeStatus, a Jailbreak to display iMessage now typing indicator on status bar

Once TypeStatus tweak is installed, you can view this indicator anywhere, without opening the Messages app. This tweak comes handy, when you need an alert for an incoming message. Interestingly, this alert is shown while you are playing a game, using a different app or on your Home screen. TypeStatus will display a small ellipsis icon on your status bar to let you know that someone is responding to your message. Cool isn’t it?

Since, the tweak is very simple, it doesn’t come with any settings or configuration panel. The tweak will be available on Cydia repo in few days. Let us know your comments.

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